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Advantages of double-layer hollow glass windows:
Jun 02, 2017

1. Impact resistance: As the outer surface of aluminum-plastic composite profiles for the aluminum alloy, so it is much stronger than the impact resistance of plastic window profiles.

2. Watertightness: doors and windows designed to prevent rainwater structure, the rain completely isolated from the outdoor, watertight in line with relevant national standards.

3. Sound insulation is good: its structure has been carefully designed, seams tight, test results, sound insulation 30db, in line with relevant standards.

4. Good fire resistance: aluminum alloy for the metal material, do not burn.

5. Good air tightness: aluminum-plastic composite window at the joints are equipped with multi-channel sealing tops or strips, air tightness for a level, can give full play to air conditioning, and save 50% of energy.

6. anti-theft is good: aluminum-plastic composite window, excellent configuration of hardware accessories and senior decorative locks, so that thieves helpless

7. Good insulation: aluminum-plastic composite profiles in the plastic thermal conductivity is low, the insulation effect is better than aluminum 1250 times, coupled with a good air tightness, in the cold area despite the outdoor tens of degrees less than the interior is Another world.

8. Maintenance-free: aluminum doors and windows color is not susceptible to acid-base erosion, will not turn yellow fade, almost no maintenance. Dirty, you can use water plus cleaning agent scrub, clean and clean as before.