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China's glass composite index on November 21/2017
Nov 27, 2017


       On November 21, 2017, the China glass composite index was 1168.05, up 1.02 points.China's glass price index was 1188.82, up 1.36 points from a month ago.China's glass confidence index was 1084.97, up from -0.34

   Today, the market overall trend of the glass market has been slightly slower than the previous month. Market confidence is generally positive, and some regional prices are rising.In the early days of the shahe area, the trend of looting was over, and the normal level of outbound goods was restored.After the initial adjustment, the overall inventory has been significantly reduced, especially in some large enterprises.The market movements in north China and surrounding areas have also improved somewhat, while the overall trend of south China and other regions has generally been low.