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How to choose floor spring
Sep 25, 2017

    1、Firstly we should focus on the size of floor spring ,actually it doesn't mean the larger size,better quality.It depends on the suitable floor spring at all.The ideal floor spring subject to the height and heavy of door,there is the formula for reference ,Height(m)*Width(m)*glass thick(m)*2.56.

    2、Generally,the floor spring has 500,000 time swith,so it should be  tested when we buy it,and know it whether achive the stander or not,but there is a testing report sometimes.

    3、There is also a requirement for the cover board of floor sping.The cover board should be strong and firm.It designed by four side 30 centigrade updown,the reason is comfortable for swith;

Everything has the quality requirement,so it is,floor spring injected by Enviromental filler,it has great effct on Heat Preservation,Rust-proof,water-proof,Insect prevention and Anti-corrosion.

As we know,there is a wihte film on cover board ,just like cellphone protection film,while cellphone film color is clear.The professional floor spring has the qualified production report,pls purchase it from the factory or exlusive shop.