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how to choose the better insulating glass window
Nov 20, 2017


When choosing shutter, not only want to see the leaf of shutters still need to see adjusting pole, they are the important part of shutters.When looking at the quality of the shutters, it is best to first touch the blinds to see if the blade is smooth and even, and to be aware of the thickness.

Good quality blinds are better handled in detail, especially for plastic, wood, and bamboo blinds.

When inspecting the adjusting rod, the blinds should be hung flat to see whether the lifting switch is smooth, and then turn the regulating rod to see whether the blade's flip is equally flexible.The control rod of the shutter has two functions, one is to adjust the lifting switch of the shutter, the other is to adjust the Angle of the blade.

2. Dimensions

When the shutters of choose and buy, need according to the different assembly method to measuring the size of the shutter, usually shutter assembly has dark outfit and with the two kinds of installation, dark outfit in the window lattice grid shutter, its length should be the same as the window height, width than the window around the narrow 5 cm.