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Safety characteristics of laminated glass
Jun 02, 2017

The laminated glass is safely ruptured and may be broken under the impact of heavy balls, but the whole piece of glass remains intact, and fragments and sharp pieces are still stuck with the interlayer. This glass is broken, the debris will not be scattered, and more used in cars and other means of transport. Tempered glass requires a greater impact force is broken, once broken, the whole piece of glass burst into numerous fine particles, the framework of only a little broken glass.

Ordinary glass hit a broken, the typical crushing situation, resulting in many long strip of sharp mouth fragments. When the broken glass is broken, the mirror-shaped debris surrounds the hole and leaves more glass fragments around the penetrating point. The wire breaks in different lengths. Talk about glass safety What is safety glass? It refers to the national standard of laminated glass, tempered glass, and made of hollow glass, which is especially laminated glass and laminated glass made of integrated glass For the best. General civil tempered glass is the ordinary glass through the heat treatment process, to enhance its strength 3-5 times, can withstand a certain amount of energy or external temperature changes without breaking, even broken, but also the whole piece of glass into a similar honeycomb obtuse angle small particles , Not easy to hurt, and thus have a certain degree of security. Tempered glass can not be cut, need to cut the size before the steel, and "blew" characteristics. According to the use of different, tempered glass can be divided into all-tempered glass, semi-tempered glass, regional tempered glass, flat tempered glass, curved tempered glass and other types.

Laminated glass as a safety glass in the impact after crushing, due to its two ordinary glass folder folder between the PVB film adhesion, not like ordinary glass broken after the sharp pieces of wounding. At the same time, its PVB interlayer with the sound insulation, control the performance of the sun and make it a new energy-saving, environmentally friendly features: the use of laminated glass can not only cut through the ordinary glass 1000 Hz -2000 Hz noise, And it can block more than 99% of the UV and absorb the infrared spectrum of heat. As a new building materials in line with the performance of laminated glass is bound to play a huge role in the use of safety glass.