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Tempered glass specifications:
Jun 02, 2017

Maximum size: 3200 * 15000

Minimum size: 300X300mm

Thickness: 6.38-80mm

PVB film color: transparent milky white, gray, blue, green, pink

PVB film thickness: 0.38,0.76,1.14,1.52,1.90,2.28mm

Quality: in line with GB9962-1999 national standards.

Optical properties: Laminated glass can reduce the transmission of sunlight, thereby reducing the cooling energy consumption.

Impact energy: With multi-layer laminated glass can be made bulletproof, explosion-proof glass, for the need to resist bullets, bombs and violent attacks.

Sound insulation: PVB glue can hinder the sound waves, so that laminated glass can effectively impede the spread of sound, reduce noise.

UV protection: laminated glass on the UV has a very high role in hinder. Help to avoid indoor furniture, curtains and other items affected by the impact of ultraviolet radiation.