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The characteristics of steel laminated glass
Jun 02, 2017

1. Sound insulation: PVB film on the sound waves have a strong damping effect, sound waves through the laminated glass was significantly weakened, so that work or home to reduce noise interference.

2. Safety: PVB film toughness is very good, in the laminated glass by external impact cracking, PVB layer will absorb a lot of impact energy, and make it quickly weakened, so the laminated glass is difficult to be punctured, even if the glass was Cracked, still able to remain intact within the frame, and still have a certain role in the wind and rain, so the laminated glass is the true sense of the safety glass.

3. UV protection: laminated glass on the UV has a very high partition effect (up to 99% or more), you can protect your valuable furniture, exhibits, works of art, etc. from the impact of ultraviolet light and fade

4. Bulletproof Explosion-proof: multi-layer laminated glass can create all kinds of anti-bullet, anti-bomb, explosion-proof glass.

5. Anti-Hurricane and Earthquake: As the PVB film in the laminated glass has high toughness and strong cohesive force, the laminated glass after the break, the debris remains in place, in the hurricane area and the earthquake area is more suitable for use.

6. Security: because you can not use the glass knife to install the laminated glass to effectively cut, and use other tools to break the laminated glass for a long time, the sound is large, so by cutting or breaking the laminated glass into the room more difficult and easy to be found, so Laminated glass has a strong resistance to malicious damage, theft and violence.

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