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The glass is lighter than the brick and replace the brick and cement gradually
Jun 14, 2017

                        Why nowadays the glass is more and more popular?

    We can supply all kind of the thickness of the glaas like 3mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm  12mm 15mm 19mm,22mm with a variety of the color ,for example,clear ,low iron ,blue ,grey ,brown,green etc.

The glass will be promoted ,stronger ,and safer after the tempered .The products is customized according to the function .For example ,if you need the glass for canopy,or blastrade ,laminated galss is better;If you need the handrail ,the 12mm thickness galss is better;If you need a table ,10mm round galss is suitable;If you need the window glass ,choosing the insualted glass...

    Besides,we alco can make the art glass ,forsted glass ,painted glass for the building,which is more beutiful than the brick and the cement.What is more ,the glass is transparent and the transmitted ,we can save the engery and power.Last but not least,the galss also overcome the earthquake ,hurrican ,or typhoon...

    In conclusion,the glass gradually replace the heavy brick and the ugly cement becuase it is light ,safe ,beutiful ,and function.

    Here are some products sample for your information: