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what is the advantage of glazed screen
Sep 28, 2017

   1、Firstly,glazed screen has many combination and it has recycable,which has the function of enviroment protection,energy saving and reducing the cost .Additonly,it has the great diversifiction  decorative and a number of applictions.

   2、It makes the indoor enviroment disigning and styling  much close to the enterprise culture because of the diversifiction of glazed screen material design.

   3、the frame is made of Aluminum,therefore,the material is noncombustible,which has the great effct on fire-proof and sound-proof

    4、The angle can be adjusted arbitrarily through connecting single or double different thick glazed screen system,whih makes the space design change much widly.


   5、the glazed screen is designed by system model ,produced as sample ,steady quality.