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what's the feature of Laminated Glass
Jun 15, 2017

      The great effectiveness sound-proof of modern housing has been one of the important components of quality of life. Using  Saflex PVB   laminated glass, which  can  keep the environment quiet, comfortable,Esp.ultraviolet-proof and other unique functions to protect people's healthy skin. On the other hand,Laminated Glass Can get furniture , especially those expensive ones, rid of faded doom. It also helps to reduce the transmission of sunlight and reduce the energy consumption of refrigerators.

       The advantages of laminated glass also bring unexpected surprise for home decroration. The family includes a glass ceiling which mading of kitchen door material. When cooking fume hoods are accumulated at the top, if it installated Laminated Glass, there will no cooking fume brings trouble.Additionlly, the appearance of a large area will hinder children's security issues, if there is laminated glass , then it makes parents reassured. Even glass brokened, debris and sharp, still stuck inside by PVB. So using laminated has great beneficial to life.