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How To Judge The True And False Of The Laminated Glass
Jun 02, 2017

Glass as fragile, distinguish the choice of safe, high-quality glass products for the building is very important, not only beautiful building, but also on the building to play the role of insulation, noise.

Tempered glass is made of glass after the steel and then its further safe treatment of a glass products. The tempered glass is much more safe than ordinary glass, and even if it is broken, there will be no glass residue to the people, because the middle of a layer of film, the pieces will be tightly bound with the cornea will not Fall off. In addition, its shock resistance, elasticity, explosion-proof, etc. are better than other glass. The middle of the mold can block a large number of ultraviolet light into the house, both to protect the indoor furniture and enhance the beauty of the building, the advantages of many.

In most people's minds, will be the first thought of the glass because of the glass after the break is not with the ordinary glass-like sharp corners, which is objective one-sided, and may not be able to find. First of all, it should be from the steel laminated glass processing and manufacturing process analysis, such as stress characteristics. Unqualified tempered glass can cause personal injury, from this point, you should choose formal enterprises, products have CCC logo and certificate of the well-known manufacturers. You can also through the appearance of the quality of tempered glass, there should be no burst, cracks, missing angle and other defects, and no intensive or affect the use of the product surface scratches, smoothness to choose a better.

Because of its many advantages, it is widely used in life. Such as the building of the doors, windows, shower room have applied laminated glass. But also in kindergarten, schools, gymnasium, shop window has a wide range of use. In addition, because of its safety performance, in some public places and prone to accidents where there is a wide range of use, such as airports, hotels, floor windows, glass doors and roof skylights and other places.